A "Crappie" Windy Day

You never know what kind of weather might come your way on Houghton. One of the roughest days (wind wise) I have experienced up there. We still did well considering our limitations on the lake. My good friend Todd and my Father Chris and I tore up the fish today. I lost track of how many of each we caught but it was pretty good. The water temp was 57 deg today. We found a lot of fish ready to spawn. Our tournament bag of just smallies would have been just shy of 20 lbs. Todd crushed the crappie today and my dad and I crushed the bass. Didn't really try terribly hard to target walleye today but still ended up catching a handful. We ended up calling it a day around 2:00pm from getting beat up by the waves and wind. All the smallies were handled with care and released with care since they were on the beds and ready to spawn. 

Joe TestaComment