Wisconsin Vacation

I had a chance to visit family in Northern Wisconsin and you better believe I brought some gear even if it was only for a few hours of fishing. I was fishing completely blind, no map, no electronics, no reports, and on a pontoon boat. I learned that the bass where actually still guarding beds! I caught about 30 large mouth (all very small), half a dozen pike, and one small walleye. Bass I caught were primarily on top water (white popper) in the early morning on dead calm water in 2-4 fow. The walleye and pike came out of 20ish fow in broad leaf cover with a charlie brewer slider and old fart 1/4 oz jigs. For the circumstances I was really pleased with my success. What beautiful scenery! I watched a bald eagle scoop up a big gill, loons carry its young on their back and I could literally watch the gills making beds! Wisconsin is definitely a great place to go fish! (Apology for the terrible pics/selfies).

- Andy

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