Fishsens Underwater Camera


I have been pursuing Fishsens (Sonde cam) for a couple of years for a sponsorship and (drum roll...)

This year I was able to join their pro staff and I'm super excited about it!  They are a phenomenal company with an awesome team and an incredible product.  Their team includes Brandon Card and Jeff Elliott - two of the best fishermen in the tournament bass world.  

I love the camera for a number of reasons:

1.  App and simplicity of use on a phone to see, record, and photograph the underwater world.

2.  Product is super well designed and manufactured in the USA.  When you look at the components and feel them, it just has the feel of a quality made device.

3.  Connects directly into the back of my Garmin 7610 xsv.  I have one of the best screen to see what's going to beneath me on the boat.

4.  The company that manufactures the Sonde Cam is called Fondriest Environmental, an established, diverse company that makes quality environmental equipment and instrumentation.