When I find something that works, I want others to know about it.  I don't pursue random sponsors. But rather, after I find something of exceptional quality, I pursue that company because I'd be excited to represent them and their products within my work.  Gamma is one of those companies/products!

Nothing compares to it!

Nothing compares to it!

Flourocarbon:  Gamma Edge  gammafishing.com  This is exceptional fishing line.  It has incredible feel and strength.  I pursued Gamma to become part of their pro staff because I'm convinced of the product!

Mono:  I tested Gamma's copolymer line and caught numbers of big fish without breaking a single fish off.  Fished lots of docks with the same awesome results.  The 10lb test was my favorite.  Great for wacky rigging and skipping docks.

Braid:  Gamma Torque gammafishing.com Another tremendous product.  Works great when fishing in thick cabbage to slice through weeds.  Unbelievable feel.

GAMMA Molecularly Altered Line.jpg