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Freshwater Therapy has become one of the premiere professional guide services on Lake George. We target bruiser smallmouth and largemouth bass with artificials, and offer jigging trips for lake trout. And we guarantee you'll catch fish, or you don't pay!



Joe Testa

I LOVE TO FISH.  THE ONLY THING I LIKE BETTER THAN FISHING is taking other people fishing.  Over the past 30 years I’ve been honing my angling skills and teaching other people how to catch more fish and have a lot of fun doing it.  

I am a licensed guide in the State of Michigan/New York.  It’s my goal that you not only have a safe and memorable trip, but that you learn a lot in the process.  The techniques and methods that we’ll use on the water can be applied to other bodies of water that you fish.

When we started the business back in 2010, I picked the name No Fish Left Behind to evoke thoughts of the “no child left behind” education reform (mostly so people might remember it). With the name No Fish Left Behind, it’s not my intention to over harvest a fishery.  I am a conservation-minded angler and want to leave our fisheries in excellent shape for the future.  Most of our fishing on Lake George is catch and release.  However, I do practice selective harvest and I want to send you home with fish to eat! We do practice selective harvest in Michigan and on Lake George.

We rebranded this year (2019) to Freshwater Therapy for a number of reasons. First, we really believe that water is therapeutic. Many of you live crazy lives and our hope with your time with us is that you will experience a soul refreshment. We also changed from No Fish Left Behind because it was never our intention to over-harvest. We are moving away from anything other than selective harvest. We love the idea of you having a meal, but the intention isn’t to stock the freezer for the next two years. Last, we really want to pursue the educational side of fishing. Not only do we want to teach on the water, but we hope to expand our off the water teaching with both video and written content as well.

I am licensed and insured in both Michigan and New York (Freshwater Therapy is an LLC).  I have adult and pediatric CPR, AED, and First Aid certification through the Red Cross.  I am a part of Gamma's Pro Staff team, Okuma Pro Staff, Charlie Brewer's Pro Staff, Garmin's Pro Staff, Rapala, Lunker City, Fishsens, Skeeter Boats!, and I am aggressively pursuing partnership with other companies who's products I'm sold out on and think will augment your experience while on the water with us.

We are hoping to have other guides that are a part of our network over the next couple of years. I want to introduce you to my first mate - probably one of the best fishermen you’ll ever meet - Micah Testa.

Micah Testa

I have been helping my dad guide since I was 11.  I love serving people and enjoy making your trip enjoyable.  My dad says I have a gift for taking out the worst of tangles.  I enjoy helping our guests have an awesome experience on the water.  I typically help with adults and children on the boat, with my ultimate goal being a successful time for you on the water.  

Dad's comments on first mate:  "Micah is a tremendous fishermen.  Most clients comment more on his help than mine.  He is a huge blessing on the water.  You will be glad he's with us!"

My Story

Probably one of the greatest blessings about growing up in the outdoors is that, from an early age, I saw the beauty of the world around me.  My time spent catching brook trout and rainbows in the Rockies created a sense of wonder.  That wonder developed over time into a sense of awe as I looked at the world around me.  I would look at the intricacies of what I saw and think that there was way to much complexity and order for all of this to come from a random, haphazard accident happening billions of years ago.  

Nature and even more specifically, fish, pointed me even as young person to wonder about the existence of an intelligent designer. I didn't have more than a sense that there was something or someone bigger than me who created beauty and intricacy and complexity for a purpose. 

Even though I was intrigued about the existence of this Designer, church didn't do anything for me.  I found it pointless and irrelevant to life.  

But when I went to college, I ran into thoughtful and intelligent people whose lives were very attractive.  As a college student at a major university, I had a chance to wrestle with truth and a variety of worldviews.  Around that same time, a friend sat down with me and sketched out a picture of what the Bible talked about when it describes someone being reconnected with the God of the universe.  He explained Jesus and the story of God - how Jesus came to earth to die on a cross. And through his death, burial, and resurrection, he made it possible for people who are sinful to be reconciled with a perfect God.  For the first time in my life, I understood the point of the Christian faith.  Jesus died in my place, and by putting my faith in Him, I could be forgiven and made into a new creation.  I placed my faith (trust) in Christ that fall semester and feel indebted to Jesus for His sacrifice on my behalf.

The part of the Bible that stood out to me then was this sentence:  God made him (Jesus) who had no sin to become sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God (2 Corinthians 5:21).  I learned as a college student that it's through trusting in Jesus alone that someone is reconciled with God.  

That reality has only made my experience as an outdoors person that much richer.  Fishing isn't just something we do to pass time.  It's a passion that we pursue that points us regularly not only toward the goodness of God, but also to the awesome beauty that our Creative God gave us to point us toward Him.  This creation (and fishing) is a gift that God has given to us to enjoy.

My hope for you is that your experience with us and on your own in the outdoors will draw you closer to the truth and reality that Jesus wants to make himself known to you. 

The Boat: Skeeter SX 2250

Fish out of a fully rigged 2019 Skeeter SX2250 with a Yamaha 250 SHO. Set up with the best equipment on the market: state of the art Garmin electronics (GPSMap 7610xsv), panoptix livescope!!! and Garmin’s LakeVu Ultra lake mapping software, , dual 15' Talons, casting platforms in both front and rear of boat, this boat is decked out to provide a comfortable time on the water.  I also provide top of the line Okuma rods and reels - and all the tackle you'll need for a successful day on the water.

Best fishing platform out there!

To book a trip, you can either call me/text me at 517-488-3224 or email me at!


"Worth every penny and then some!!! Joe and his son provided a priceless experience that we will remember forever. Joe is a knowledgable guide who tends to your every need. Micah was exceptionally good with the kids. I've been on many boats and Joe and Micah are among the best out there!"

- Jonathan and sons

"A great day on the lake starts with a good plan, ours was to get the right guide. We must have brought up 50 or more fish. Fun day for everyone. Dropshotting brought everyone fish."

- Rande A.

"Joe, just want to say thank you. I'm back home and looking at all of the pictures. You, Micah and the fish are going to be an experience the family will talk about for years. I asked you to get creative and you made good on the challenge. It was a great way to start our vacation, and we used your drop-shot teachings off a canoe with success on our second to last evening at the lake to end the trip."

-Terry S.

"Joe and First Mate Micah provided a top notch, professional, relaxed and enjoyable experience for me and my family. Joe was accommodating to our unique experience and large family. Not only did Joe provide a superb fishing experience, but we greatly enjoyed the company that he and Micah provided. It was worth every penny. I hope we are able to make our experience with Joe an annual event. I cannot speak highly enough about our entire outing."

- Brendan S.

"In late spring I booked a fishing trip with Joe for me and my four year old grandson Jack, at Houghton Lake.  There was a lot of uncertainty given Jack’s age, my unfamiliarity with the lake and not knowing Joe.  My son in-law told me I was wasting my money because Jack would not stay on a boat for more than half an hour.  Well Jack had the time of his life!  We caught a tremendous amount of fish and took home more than enough for a family fish fry.  We ended up extending our time and were on the boat for seven hours with Jack enjoying every minute.  Joe brought along his son Micah who did a great job helping and keeping Jack entertained.  Joe and Micah let Jack reel in most of the fish and to this day Jack says he caught all the fish.  We had a great time and if I’m able to come to Michigan this year Jack and I will use them again.  Thanks Joe for making a Grandfather’s dream come true."

- Robert S.

"What a fantastic trip! This was our second year of fishing with Joe and Micah, and Nate is already talking about the next trip. Joe really works hard to put his clients on quality fish, and Joe and Micah's knowledge of fishing will benefit any angler, no matter your skill level. You will not find a better guide on Lake George, especially for families -- there is just something special about taking a father/son fishing trip with a father/son guide team! Thanks Joe and Micah!"

- Brad C.

"We had so much fun fishing! Joe & Micah were great guides! David couldn't stop talking about how knowledgeable they were about the fish and how/where to fish. We had never really been fishing before...great experience for the new fisher or a seasoned one. :) Thanks again!"

- Anna N.

I have gone fishing with Joe Testa many times. Every time has been a wonderful experience. I always catch a lot of fish. Joe provides quality equipment and baits. Joe has been fishing Lake George for many years and knows the lake exceptionally well. I always learn a lot from him about how and where to fish. He is always introducing me to new baits and showing me new techniques on how to catch more fish. A consummate professional who really makes the extra effort to make sure you have a memorable fishing experience. I enthusiastically recommend Joe Testa as an outstanding fishing guide for Lake George. Joe, you and your son are awesome. Thank-you!!

- Jeff

Year after year the skilled and personable father and son team at No Fish Left Behind give me a great fishing experience. Top quality boat and gear allow us to focus on what it's all about, catching fish. We Have always ended the day with a live well full of nice fish.

- Matt H.

Bar none, the best fishing you will EVER find in a guide service. I have been fishing with Joe and his son/mate Micah for a few seasons and am always amazed that even in the worst conditions they always find and catch fish. Great learning experience!

- Jim K.

If you want to catch giants, fish with these guys! I have fished with Joe and Micah numerous times, and they never fail to put you on the big ones. On a previous outing Joe picked a spot where I caught the biggest fresh-water fish of my life--a walleye pushing 10 pounds! I've used their services in all seasons and no-matter the conditions, Joe's knowledge and fishing experience gives you the best chance to have the trip of a lifetime. Not only does he know the spots, but he also knows the technique, and he's a great teacher whose knowledge will expand your own fishing arsenal. Additionally, his son, Micah makes your experience as pleasant as possible by dealing with any tangles, bloody fish, or sharp hooks that you don't want to mess with. I guarantee you won't find a better service than these guys!
Thanks Joe and Micah!!

- Cam H.

What I loved about No Fish Left Behind is not just their ability to find and catch fish, but the family friendly feel as well. I've used fishing guides that were skilled at what they did, while not being very fun to be with. No Fish Left Behind combined skilled guidance with enjoyable relationship!

- John H.

My sons and I had the pleasure of fishing for the first time with Joe and his son, Micah on Houghton Lake. We had a great experience and found Joe to be knowledgeable, patient and a great host. I know you will enjoy fishing with him and would highly recommend chartering with nofishleftbehind for your next fishing adventure!

- Ken S.

Dear Joe (and Micah),
Thank you both for more great fishing. It's not just the opportunity to be out on the lake and to haul 'em in and the great gear and the above-and-beyond patient, knowledgeable teaching and guiding - it's the wonderful company. We are grateful for all of that and more and we look forward to fishing again with you in 2017!
Warmest regards,

Just wanted to say thank you for a great time yesterday. Much appreciated your fishing instructions and of course your patience with a very inexperienced fisherman. This was my first time fishing on Lake Leelanau and it was memorable.  Great equipment – no tangles – live bait and a perfect boat for the adventure. Fish cleaned and delivered to my door step; can’t ask for much more than that.  It was a pleasure to make your acquaintance and enjoy a beautiful day on the water.

- Bob