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Freshwater Therapy has become one of the premiere professional guide services on Lake George. We target bruiser smallmouth and largemouth bass with artificials, and offer jigging trips for lake trout. And we guarantee you'll catch fish, or you don't pay!

Come and catch the memory of a lifetime with guided charter fishing in Michigan and Lake George, NY.

Guide to freshwater fishing

You will have a safe and memorable trip, and learn a lot in the process. During your time on the water, you will be able to fish with our state of the art gear and learn techniques and methods that can be applied to other bodies of water you fish. Our goal is that the experience will feel restorative.



Learn how to find and catch walleyes in Michigan. Lake George offers an experience in learning off shore structure and a variety of techniques.


Catch Some Fish

We guarantee you will catch fish, or you don’t pay! We want our clients to enjoy taking some fish home, and at the same time, learn and develop a heart to conserve the beautiful resources that we have. Our hope is that you will buy into our selective harvest mindset!


Our hope is that you would do far more than catch fish. We want your day to have a feel of restoring your soul. Water has a therapeutic feel to it, and we want to help guide you and your family and friends toward building a memory together!

Come fish with us

Let us be your guide to an unforgettable day on the water