July 30-Aug. 1 Guide Trip with Mark, Hudson, Josiah, and Harry

Had a chance to take out my good friend Mark and his two boys and nephew.  We had a blast.  The first night the fishing was good.  We caught some nice fish, but fought a bit with tangles, etc. (normal for that many people on a boat).  We ended up with 75+ fish.

Friday we went out again and smoked them - and we found a pile of big fish.  Kind of a less known spot on Lake George.  I lost one of the biggest smallmouth's that I've seen on the lake...4+ pound fish on a wacky rigged Senko fishing over deep water -30-40 fow.

Everyone on the boat landed a hawg daddy - 3#er.

Water temp 75 degrees...big fish were suspended.  Caught fish around the edges of the hump and up on top of the hump.

Joe TestaComment