Lake Erie Monsters

We finally made it out on Lake Erie and thanks to some friends, Seth and Jim, we had a blast!  We hooked and lost three fish early and then had nothing happening for a couple of hours.  We made a big move (about a 9 mile poke) and ended up on a pile of fish.

We ended up with 7, including a 10 lb fish (CPR'ed).  I also lost 5.  All fish were caught on spoons.  Hot spoons were small.  My two best were a Williams Worbler (1.5" thin metal hammered spoon - gold) and a 3" thin metal spoon - similar to a walleye trolling spoon - copper and perch patterned.  We just played around with color and size.  All spoons were tipped with a minnow head.  20+" of ice and tons of guys out.  Beautiful day - hope to be able to get over there again sometime during this ice season!

Impressed again with Okuma's Helios spinning reel - super smooth drag helped Cam land the monster!  Also - loved the feel of both the 4 and 8lb test Gamma Flourocarbon Edge line for jigging.