Lake Leelanau 5/15-5/16

Fished Thursday and Friday on Lake Leelanau.  Water temps were 57-60 degrees.  Fish were clearly feeding on wigglers which definitely affected the way they bit the plastic.  Thursday I literally missed 15 fish. Most of them I'd hook and then they'd come unpinned.  We only caught 3 legals and a bunch of shorts, some nice smallies, and northerns.

I had a guide trip on Friday with Gary and his son, Brandon.  Great people to have on the boat.  Both of these guys worked hard to learn how to fish a jig.  Ended up with 7 legals.  Caught some big smallies, northerns and rock bass.  Fish were still just grabbing the bait.  You could feel the walleyes actually chewing the bait - very different from when they are feeding on baitfish.

Joe TestaComment