Houghton Lake on Fire! 5/2/2015

Water temps to start the day were 54.  We ended the day at 65.  Walleyes still scattered.  Picked up quite a few shorts (20 ish).  We ended up with 11 legals.  Crappies were stacked up when you found them.  Took a little to find them.  Ended up keeping around 40.  Tons of northerns - one close to 30" - kept a bunch.  Bluegills were just getting started in the canals.  We caught some on the main lake.  Almost all fish caught jigging plastics.  Bass were on a terror!  Must have released 75 or more.  We had times when we'd have four fish on at a time in the boat.  Biggest largemouth was over 5lbs. We caught a bunch of smallmouths in the 4 lb range.

Joe TestaComment