Guide Trip 7/14

Took out our good friends, Brad and Nate.  We went north from Silver Bay, fishing several rock humps and near shore points.  Fishing was really good overall.  Nate caught his personal best smallmouth - almost a 19" fish.  Brad and Nate caught lots of smallmouths and rock bass.  Ended the day fishing topwater and jerkbaits.  Brad caught some beautiful chain pickerel and Nate caught some awesome largemouth bass.  We had a pike in the net with a mouthful of jerkbait (3 sets of treble hooks) so we couldn't net it.  Long story short, it shook the bait right at the book.  My guess is that it was over 4lbs.  Nate had a great attitude about the lost fish!  (We would have released it anyway, we just wanted a picture!) Overall, a great evening of memories.

Joe Testa1 Comment