Lake George July 20

Gorgeous day on Lake George.  Hot temps and calm winds had me thinking that the bite was going to be tough.  We had a really good day.  Looking for new spots and trying to tweak spots we already know.  Fish seem to be moving deeper.  Caught big smallmouth and largemouth in 25-35 fow.  Water temps pushing 74 degrees.  Fished deep with a wacky rigged Savage Gear Armor Tube Worm on a wacky jig head.  Thing looks amazing in the water - great action.  Like the Watermelon Red a lot.  Drop shotting was solid again.  Ended the day with a little topwater action.  Big largemouth for the day (selfie) was somewhere between 4-5 lbs.  Big smallie was like 17".

Joe TestaComment