Summer 2016 Product Review: Minn Kota 12' Talons - Asset to Walleye Fishermen

I put Talons on my boat this spring hoping to improve boat control and hold me as I helped my own children learn to fish.  They proved far more effective than what I would have imagined.  These shallow water anchors allowed me to hold in 15-20 mph wind and allow clients to access pods of walleyes and perch.  

Every time we made contact with fish this fall, we Taloned down.  Time and time again we would catch a second and a third walleye because the Talons stopped our drift.  The shallow water anchors have become a prime feature in my fishing presentation - they have radically changed the way I fish (and as a guide, they have made boat control way easier!).

Most people that use shallow water anchors are serious bass fishermen, but these tools are a huge asset to the walleye and panfish angler as well.  This past week was a prime example of how helpful these tools are to the trade of walleye and perch fishing.  

I knew of general areas that had held walleyes and perch in past seasons.  I (or someone in the boat) would catch a fish and I would put the Talons down.  On one spot, we caught 12 walleyes fan casting a flat.  On another spot, we plucked really nice perch (10-12") on jerkbaits with a 15 mph at our backs.  On another spot, we worked an edge for perch and were able to move 10 yards and Talon down, covering ground and finding great numbers of beautiful jumbo perch.

As I was thinking about buying the Talon's, several people encouraged me to buy two.  One Talon, while still being helpful, would allow the boat to spin in the wind.  The Talons were also a blessing for launching, loading, and dropping family and clients off at docks.  

Overall, I would highly recommend these babies for anyone who is tired of being dominated by the wind.  

Joe TestaComment