Old Fart Lures Continue to Shine

Fished the Saginaw River today and had a blast catching all kinds of fish (walleyes, white bass, sheephead, crappie).  But I have to tell you that one of my favorite aspects to fishing the river is using the quality jig heads that Carl pours at Old Fart Lures.  Jigs don't lose their paint, hooks are super high quality Mustad's (4/0) with a big ole' gap to put the odds of a hook up in the fisherman's favor.

He just started to pour a 5/8 oz. size after good friend Matt Lafond told me that's his favorite size for the river.  River was moving pretty good today and was a bit off color after the big rain from Sunday.  But the fish were biting.  We caught them using citrus shad, blue flake, and red flake.  Couple interesting things to note:  water temp was 42 degrees, hot bite was from like 10:30-12:30, big fish moved up to feed and then shut off,  everything was biting at the same time.