Big gills again before the rain

Had a chance to fish with both of my sons this past Monday!  What a blessing!  With it getting darker later, we decided not to get out to our spot too early.  We waited until 5 for the fish to turn on and finally they did.

If you watch how the VMC Tungsten Fly Jig looks on a camera, it makes a darting, puffing motion just like an invertebrate moving in the water column.  These little jigs are really quite unbelievable.  Again - fish are swallowing the jig without the use of any bait.  (When you're not re-baiting, you save time and you're able to often time keep the school of fish interested instead of having fish swim away.)  Nate and Micah both had hot hands and we're reeling fish in every drop down.

Straight line reel was super important, paired with 4 lb. Gamma Fluoro is huge in this system.  No spin and no visibility!

Wonder if we'll end up keeping our ice or losing it in the days to come!

Joe TestaComment