Old Fart Lures: Interesting Name, Amazing Jigs

Carl Meinke, the owner and designer of Old Fart Lures, handcrafts an incredible product.  He is a jig designer.  He pours and crafts jigs for bass and walleyes.  Now you might be thinking - big deal - there's lots of people out there who make lures.  However, when you look at the end product, it's not nearly as quality as what Carl is producing.

For the walleye world, Carl sells a jighead both for jigging plastics on inland waters and a bigger jighead for fishing the Detroit and Saginaw Rivers.  I'm interested in both of these products.  The 1/8-3/8 oz size is the one I use with all my guide trips when we're throwing jigs for walleyes.  Here's what makes these jigs stand out:  4/0 Mustad hooks (never skimp on hooks), high quality lead, every jig has the eye hole cleaned out (huge for cooler days on the water), powder coated and baked on paint that never chips.  I buy them in lots of 50 and the fish love them.

This year I was going to ask Carl to pour 5/8, 3/4 and 1 oz for the Detroit River but he beat me to it.  He's already a step or two ahead of me.  He's been pouring these and as soon as they make it on the shelf, they sell out.

How do you get in on this product?

You can email Carl at carl@oldfartlures.com or you can check out the jigs along with the other awesome bass jigs at www.oldfartlures.com.


Joe TestaComment