Opener 2016

We fished walleyes harder today and the bite was tougher!  Only ended up with 7 legal fish - caught at least another 10 that were undersized.  Fished a bunch of new spots again and always love learning new things.  Most fish caught on plastics.  Bigger bass today (still caught 50+ smallies and largemouth) - with probably our best 5 at over 20lbs.  (again all CPR'd).  So many bass that it seemed difficult to get to the walleyes!  Ended up with some big northerns - biggest at a girthy 32" - a Matt Hock monster.  Matt also caught the biggest smallie of the day - a 20.5"  behemoth.   Water temps still between 47-51 degrees.  Weeds were key to finding fish.  Better weeds in 10-12 fow.  Ended up with another 20ish crappies - just enough for a fish fry - some real monsters - 14"+ fish.  Got to tell you that the new Motorguide Xi5 is out of this world - spot lock feature is a dead lock anchor.  Made the day that much more relaxing - I can push the anchor mode and move all over the boat while staying put! Still have some openings for the month of May - book us and have an awesome multispecies day on Houghton Lake (!