Fished a new lake in Northern Michigan

A friend challenged us to get out and try some new waters, so we did!  We ice fished this lake a couple of years ago and were super impressed.  The DNR has been planting lots of walleyes and it shows.  In 1.5 hours, we caught 12 walleyes (2 were legal size - and the one we took a picture of wasn't one of them).  Also caught a largemouth and a northern.  Awesome fishery - has big gills and crappies too - met a guy at the launch who showed us a gill and a crappie that were huge.  Definitely one that we will add to our list of lakes to further learn.  By the way - the Garmin was huge with the Quick Draw mapping ability.  We mapped parts of the lake and found a couple mid lake weed humps that proved to hold lots of fish!

Joe TestaComment