Incredible Jig Bite on Leelanau (5/27)

When you think about fishing conditions and walleyes, you would think sunny, flat calm conditions would create the most challenging of situations.  But what we experienced yesterday morning was just the opposite.  We had Robert and Tom out and these guys had a chance to learn how to fish jigs and plastics and experience tremendous success.  Fish were up shallow gorging on wigglers (5-8 fow).  There was one moment when I hooked a fish and lost it and looked up and saw walleyes swimming in front of me!

The Charlie Brewer Slider on an 1/8oz Old Fart Lures jig head was spot on again!  In my estimation, this plastic with an extremely slow drop speed meets the walleyes right where they are at when they are eating wigglers.  A walleye doesn't need to exert any energy to slurp up a wiggler and so they don't want to chase anything (that's why you will see fish follow and not commit).  The Sliders that we're experiencing the most success on are 3" green pumpkin with a black tail and watermelon red/black/gold flake.  We also caught some fish on a Zoom fluke.