Lite bite on Leelanau - June 17

Got a chance to take my brother in-law and nephew out on Leelanau this past Friday. This weekend could be one of the toughest times of the year to catch fish but we still managed to catch fish. This bite was early and late with not a whole lot going on mid-day. It was HOT and dead calm and a gorgeous day. The algae bloom hasn't happened yet so the fish were really spooked and finicky in very clear water. We could see walleye down 13 ft just looking at our lures. When they did bite it was very lite and hard to feel. Mike was the hot hand today, he caught most of the fish! I think the key was moving around a lot and targeting the few fish that were interested in eating in each spot. The mayfly hatch is at it's end so these fish are already full and happy. It was really tough however, I believe we caught more fish than anyone on the water that day with a total of 7 walleye (and one lost at the boat), 5 rock bass (still full of eggs!), one northern, one gar, one decent perch, and one smallie. It was awesome watching my 10 yr old nephew jig for fish and land 3 different species! I am confident fishing will can only get better.

- Andy

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