Finally Got the Lake Trout Funk Out of the Boat!

We honestly haven't put much time in for Lake Trout on Lake George, but today we had a little window of 45 minutes and decided to try jigging for lakers.  And would you believe it, I caught one, a mid twenty inch fish (CPR'ed)!  Jigging a big Swedish Pimple (silver with a red sticker on it) in 100 fow, I popped this beautiful fish.  Bought a couple of medium heavy Okuma Helios spinning rods and reels and I am super impressed with these for jigging in deep water with heavy lures.  

We had to go out again after lunch and we got two hits, only landing one fish, but you will never believe what it was a smallmouth bass!  Micah hooked a smallie in 100 fow on the bottom on a jigging spoon.  We just couldn't believe it!  So what that did for us is filled in some gaps on where some of the big smallmouth are.  Until the thermocline sets up, limiting oxygen in the deeper water of the lake, the smallmouth are free to roam wherever they want.  So you can catch smallies in 100 fow!!!  Crazy, huh?

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