Dialing in the Lake Trout Jigging Spoon Bite - Lake George

It's a personal goal of ours this summer to learn how to fish Lake Trout on Lake George.  But we really don't want to learn how to troll for them - we want to learn how to jig for them.  

Well, today we turned a corner on the Lakers.  We went 3 for 5 in a little over an hour of jigging this afternoon.  Water temps were almost 75 degrees.  

We fished jigging spoons - Swedish Pimples - red prism and pearl prism in about 100' of water.  The key was a good jigging rod and reel.  Absolutely love the 7' MH helios spinning rod and reel, paired with 10/2 Gamma Torque braid with a 6' Gamma Edge 16 lb. fluoro leader.  Amazing fish and amazing memories.  Will post video tomorrow!