Lake Trout Fest on Lake George

This was our first year really targeting Lake Trout and in the first couple of weeks of fishing for them, we have learned a lot.  We fished a hump this morning that came out of 130' up to 90'.  Caught lakers on the first two drop downs.  Fished a little differently today - fished a plastic on a 1 oz jighead.  Got my jigheads from Carl with Old Fart Lures ( awesome jigheads...he also poured me 1 oz drop shot weights to fish in this deep water which I haven't had a chance to try yet.  Fish pounced on the baits!  Hope to offer jigging for Lake Trout as an option in my guide repertoire on Lake George very soon.  From what I've seen, no one else on this lake guides people for Lake Trout with plastics or jigging spoons in the open water season.

Also caught another smallie in 100'...can't believe they are still out there!

Joe TestaComment