Smallmouth Bite is on! Guide Trip with the Aker Family

What an amazing fishing experience we had last night!  We must have caught 75 smallmouth...somehow we were able to steer clear of the rock bass and Abby, Matthew, Madison, and Jamison literally pounded fish from the beginning to the end of our time on the water.

We caught some really nice fish - both smallmouth and largemouth.  Each person on the boat had fish that would make the highlight film.  Abby had the biggest smallmouth for a while, until Matthew's fish topped hers.  Then Jamison stepped up and caught three monsters in a row.  While we were taking a picture of one of Jamison's fish, Abby hooked a Lake George monster that broke her off.  Madison caught some really solid fish as well.  Temp spiked up to 73-74 degrees.  Fish are settling into their summer pattern locations!!!

Joe TestaComment