Leelanau Walleyes

Lake Leelanau seems to have shifted from a tough summer pattern.  Between 2-3 weeks ago, a lot of fish were suspended out over the south basin of the South Lake.  Monday as we explored the lake, we saw very few fish (or bait) out in that deep water.  Instead, we found huge schools of bait up shallow.  And with bait up shallow, you can bet that the predators aren't far behind.

Water temps between 73-75.  Caught fish on jigs with Charlie Brewer Slider Grubs, crankbaits, and slip bobbers and leeches, some really nice smallmouth and walleyes in the mix.

Monday ended up with 8 legal fish - biggest at around 4 pounds.

Tuesday, we had a blast with Jan and Jim and their grandson, Christopher.  They caught around 15 walleyes, a handful of nice smallies, and a bunch of rock bass (one that was a 12"er).  They had a blast - all fish caught on bobbers and leeches.

Wednesday, we had a trip with some great guys from GR.  Caught fish on plastics and on leeches.  Ended up with 10 keepers and a bunch of healthy throw backs and some solid smallies.  

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