Lake Trout on Lake George - Summer 2016

The key to our fishing success this year is largely due to some excellent equipment that I bought in the off season.  The first key to our success has been our electronics (the new Garmin GPSMAP 7610 xsv) which have opened our eyes to the haunts of the Lake Trout (and really all the deep water structure that we fish).  The imaging of the unit is out of this world.  Another tremendous feature is the processing speed of the internal GPS:  the 10 Hz processor updates your location and heading 10 times per second.  The Garmin High Definition lake map is the best one out there for Lake George.  I am seeing deep water structures that I never knew were down there!

Another piece of equipment that has been a huge help is my new Motorguide xi5 trolling motor.  I push the anchor feature and I hover in the same spot over top of fish and end up with very encouraging results (see smiles below)!

Rod of choice was clearly Okuma's Helios MH 7' spinning paired with the Helios HX-30 spinning reel and Gamma's Torque 10/3 with Gamma Edge Fluoro 12-16 lb test.

Jigging with 1 oz. jig heads from Old Fart Lures!

We have been so busy with trips that we haven't had as much time to fish lakers, but my wife and I were out the other day for a little and I popped this one!  Almost 11 am - calm, bright sunny morning - and lake trout are chomping - I love it!  Water temp is over 75 degrees.