Summer 2016 Product Review: Garmin GPSMap 7610 xsv

We switched electronics this year and think it was one of the best moves we have made in a long time!  The new Garmin's that I put on my boat taught us a lot about structure fishing this summer.  We had more guide trips on Lake George and more success and we credit a lot of it to the ability to find structure and find fish on structure.  The 7610 is the perfect combination of amazing technology and user friendliness!  We are still learning the units, but we would highlight three areas that made these units stand out to us:

1.  Incredible Clarity.  Not only do I have the ability to see more, but I have the clarity to discern what I'm seeing.  

2.  Love the features this unit offers:  Side imaging, down imaging, super fast GPS processor, a touch screen that is simple to navigate just to name a few!

3.  The best mapping software that I've ever used!  The lake map for Lake George, NY is Garmin's LakeVu Ultra HD map and I owe all of our Lake Trout success to Garmin.  We were able to find the structure and see the fish on the structure in deep water.  

The bottom line in fishing is fish location. You can't catch fish that aren't there.  Finding the structure and discerning where the fish are at on the structure is the name of the game.  As you look back over the past summer and forward to your next fishing season, and if you are at all in the market for new electronics, I would highly encourage you to check out what Garmin has to offer.  The reality is that you only have so much time on the water, why not leverage it with the best technology to maximize learning and catching? Go with Garmin and you won't regret the move!

Joe TestaComment