Minn Kota Talons Pay off Big Time in Walleye Fishing

Most people think shallow water anchors and they think pitching jigs into openings in surface weed pockets.  We bought Talons to help us with boat control as we fish aggressively for walleyes.  Over the last couple of days up north, we saw our 12 foot Talon investment pay off dividends.

We would raise the Talons a foot or two and then drift for a couple moments and then talon down again to fish another section of a flat.  If we made contact with an 'eye, I'd double click the remote hanging around our neck and end up catching another one (or five).  In our pre-Talon fishing, we'd hook a fish and it might take a couple of minutes to remove a bait and put it in the live well and in the mean time, a 10-15mph wind would push us over top of the pod of fish we had made contact with.  Not the case this weekend!  It was incredible to pop one fish, Talon down, and proceed to catch a bunch more.

The name of the game is boat control and the 12 foot Talons held us in 15-20mph winds!  

Joe TestaComment