Summer 2016 Product Review: Gamma Edge, Torque, and CoPolymer line

Had another great year showcasing the best fishing line on the market.  Gamma, while tearing things up in the professional fishing world, continues to thrill my clients with premium fishing line in all categories.

The bulk of fishing that happens on my boat incorporates Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon. People always ask me what weight of line I use and the vast majority is 8lb test (but I do fish 6 a lot as well).  I find that 8 Lb. test is strong enough to land big smallies, walleyes, and northerns.  We do a lot of drop shot fishing on Lake George and love Gamma Touch in 7lb test strength.  The touch is so supple with very little memory, yet a ton of "feel".

This year we fished more braid than we have in several years.  We were super impressed with Gamma Torque.  We used the 10/3 product for casting jigs for walleyes and loved the feel of getting plowed by a 'eye.  Probably our favorite application was fishing deep water for lake trout.  We caught 25 lake trout this summer between the middle of July and the middle of August and all of them were caught on Gamma Torque main line and a 12-16lb Gamma Fluoro 6' leader.  Of the 25 we caught, we think only one was short of legal size (which is 23" on Lake George).  We caught lots of fish in the 6-10lb range.  One of the best side benefits of the line is the ability to discern what type of bottom you're fishing - hard or soft.  Can't wait to fine tune the system next summer!

Last, we used the copolymer as well with lots of solid results.  We threw huge crankbaits and jerkbaits and caught nice walleyes and smallmouth.  We also use the copolymer to fish docks.  Most of the time we use 10lb test, but have gone heavier with bigger cranks.  The copolymer is superior for top water applications.  It also excels with abrasion resistance around docks and laydowns.  This fall we are testing it with jigging rapalas for walleyes.

Joe TestaComment