Motorguide Xi5 Masters the Wind and the Waves

The forecast was calling for 15-20mph NNW winds.  Usually when fishermen see that forecast, they cringe.  I see that and I think, "we're in for a great day on the water!"   We started off a recent trip with these exact conditions.  

On the first pass through a fishy area, we just drifted and cast - nothing...we were moving way to fast.  We motored back up and this time I locked in on an area that has produced fish in the past.  I pointed the boat into the wind and hit the anchor button on my Motorguide Xi5.  We locked onto the spot and proceeded to pummel the fish.  Three of us caught fish pitching leeches on slip bobbers. One guy threw a jerkbait out the back of the boat.  We literally stayed on this exact spot for over an hour.  The client throwing the jerkbait almost caught his limit.  The rest of us landed several nice walleyes.  And most of the credit went to having the right equipment to match the conditions!

The guys were amazed at how well my trolling motor did in those conditions.  The winds picked up and yet we stood our ground.  And we continued to catch fish.  After we wore that spot out a bit I took the trolling motor off the anchor mode and we would slip backwards 10-15 yards and we "anchored" again.  We proceeded to catch fish.  If we didn't get bit relatively quickly, we would slip again, until we had covered the entire area.  

This trolling motor is worth every penny I paid for it!  The reality is that an actual anchor wouldn't have been able to hold us in that wind.  At the end of the day, clients are juiced about the time they had on the water.  And I am thankful that I didn't have to try and "hold us" with my foot on the pedal.

The Motorguide Xi5 has not only made us more successful, but it has also made our time on the water that much more enjoyable!