Boat Control is the Name of the Game

There's nothing more frustrating than being on fish, but not being able to stay on top of them because of poor boat control!  Over the past year we have learned some valuable lessons in boat control that we believe have changed the outcome of the game.   Here are the top 5 lessons:

1.  Equipment is key:  We bought a Motorguide Xi5 trolling motor that handles extremely well and has an incredible anchoring feature.  I can point the boat into the wind and hold us in 15-20mph wind.  I went with the Motorguide because the research I did on them communicated that their anchoring/spot lock feature was the best on the market.  This technology is also helpful to hold us while we take a fish off or undo a tangle.

2.  Be able to anchor at will: Minn Kota Talons make shallow water anchoring quick and easy.  I push one button and I'm locked in place.  This equipment has been super helpful for sitting off a school of walleyes and being able to catch multiple fish.  Every contact with fish elicits the Talons being employed - often resulting in more than one hook up.

3.  Good electronics:  Believe it or not, having the Garmin GPS7610's on my boat help with boat control by having an incredibly fast processor allowing for pinpoint GPS location.  Often following GPS trails leads to repeating successful passes and more fish.

4.  Get the best mapping software:  Save time and be the most effective with the most accurate lake map software out there.  I use the Garmin Ultra Lakevu HD Ultra and have been super impressed by it.  It gives me great information on my lakes in Michigan, but has unlocked the deep on Lake George in upstate New York.  I can key in on specific spots on off shore structure and often those little unique features make all the difference in finding big lakers and smallies.

We invested in this equipment so that when we are fishing or when we have clients out with us, they get the best possible day on the water.  We want to put the odds in our favor to end up with a banner day and a camera full of memories.  After a season of fishing with this equipment, I'm convinced it helped us put more fish in the boat and have a more enjoyable time doing it!  But don't take my word for it, book a trip with us and experience the difference for yourself!

Joe TestaComment