Lake George Fishing 7/7-7/12

It's been a very interesting couple of days of fishing.  Water temps still haven't progressed to move fish into a solid summer pattern.  Water temps are between 70 and 71 degrees.

Fish have been on off shore humps, but they aren't necessarily relating to the bottom.  We are still catching fish on jerkbaits in 20-30 fow.  We are also finding bigger fish willing to hit big topwater baits out on these deeper humps as well.

Early and late has been a big deal especially on bright, calm days.  Hot baits have been a TRD fished on a drop shot rig, a deep diving jerkbait, jigging rapalas, and the whopper plopper on top.

We have been moving around a lot looking for bigger fish.  Some humps are full of fish, some aren't.  Moving has been key for us finding fish.

Looking forward to everything settling out deeper!