Saginaw Bay Unveiled

Over the last couple of years, I have had the privilege to help the MSU fishing club as their faculty advisor.  I have learned a lot from these young, avid fishermen.  A couple of weeks ago, we connected with one of the guys from the club and he gave us an incredible experience on the bay.  

Before you fish the bay, it's really best to go with someone who knows this body of water and the current ice conditions.  Things can shift and move around out there and every year, there are guys who get stranded because of shifting ice.  A friend of ours from the fishing club, Nathan, was on the bay almost every day over Winter Break.  He knew where to go and where not to go - and how to best cross the infamous crack that forms out about a mile and a half from shore.

We traveled out about 3 miles and he put us on a spot off of the crowds that was teaming with fish.  We saw fish right away on the camera and put a couple on the ice almost right away.  Things slowed just a bit until we couldn't see anything on the camera.  And then all hell broke loose.  The fish turned on and were spanking our jigging raps.  

Micah and Nathan had the hot hands (as usual).  I, on the other hand, hooked two giant fish only to have both come unpinned (sad face emoji).  Nathan landed his PB that night - a 9.2 behemoth.  We ended up landing 8 and losing 7 in about a 5 hour stretch of fishing.  Huge thanks to Nathan for taking us out.  Saginaw Bay is a great body of water to fish for both numbers and size of walleyes.