Ned Rigging Phenomenon

If you haven't heard about Ned Rigging, this is a technique you have to learn about and add to your tactics this year for catching big smallmouth and largemouth bass.

The Ned rig was developed by a guy named Ned Kehde out in Kansas City.  Essentially, it's a finesse technique that works extremely well on pressured fish or fish in clear water conditions.  The basics are as follows:  a light mushroom style jig head (1/32 - 1/5 oz) coupled with a Z-Man TRD or TRD Tube.  

When you look at the bait, it doesn't look like much - and that's the point!  You essentially are using a subtle presentation to coax fish into biting.  And even if it doesn't look like much, the results are impressive!  Over the past two seasons on Lake George in upstate New York, we have caught hundreds of fish on this presentation.  They shine post spawn all the way throughout the summer.  

This isn't a bait that you need to do much with either.  You make your cast, click your bail, allow the bait to hit bottom and essentially do very little except tighten your line.  And at the slightest 'tick' you set the hook.  These baits are so incredible that fish swallow them if you don't set right away.

And they don't just work in the summer.  This past Monday we caught fish on them with a water temp just at 40 degrees.  I plan on having at least one or two rods rigged with a Ned Rig all season because this technique is just that good. My favorite rod to fish it with this past year was the #Favorite Summit 6'10"L.  This is one of the lightest rods in the world and yet I caught one of my biggest Lake George smallies on it last year at 4.8 lbs.  

Maybe you are the kind of person that wants more of a personal hands on lesson in learning how to Ned Rig!  Well, go ahead and email me and let's get you set up on a guide trip on Lake George to develop some confidence in this presentation! Go to for more information or email me at!  Love for you to leave a comment on ways you have fine tuned this technique!