Why did we change the name of our fishing guide business?


Over the past couple of months, I met with a friend of mine who owns a marketing firm. And as we talked about who we are and what we want our guide business to be about, we spit balled a bunch of different ideas. While we were discussing philosophy and names, one of the other guys in his office threw out the name “freshwater counseling.”

I went home and mulled it over and took Dan’s idea and tweaked it just a bit to freshwater therapy. And the more we have thought about the name - the more we love it!

Water has a therapeutic feel. Many experience incredible refreshment from their time around water. Whether it’s kayaking down the Ausable, paddle boarding on Grand Traverse Bay, or pursuing a bonefish in the Caribbean, quiet waters refresh weary souls.

And that’s what we want our guide business to be all about! Instead of just a fishing trip, we want you to have an adventure where your soul is refreshed and renewed. We want your time to be more than just a trip, we want it to be an adventure - where you learn something new…maybe enhance a relationship because of a shared memory…maybe have your soul expanded through a couple of hours where you can put the busyness of life behind you and experience true freshwater therapy.

So if you’re up for an adventure in Michigan on a couple of phenomenal lakes or in New York on the majestic Queen of American lakes - Lake George - drop us an email and get signed up for a trip (freshwatertherapy@gmail.com)!