Lake George Lessons Learned

The more time I spend on the water, the more processing and synthesizing of information happens. We have learned a lot over the last 7 summers on Lake George. I thought I would try and condense what we’ve learned into 5 key ideas. Hope this helps you as you try and crack the code on the Queen of American Lakes!

1. Seasonal patterns are key to finding fish. This is true on every body of water. We start the hunt in shallow water and eventually end up on off shore structure. If you follow us on our blog, you will be able to see a pattern that is largely based on water temperature. We will continue to teach and reveal as the season progresses!

2. Your technique matters. Throughout the season, we throw jerkbaits, crankbaits, drop shot, hair jig, top water, skirted jigs. My encouragement to you is to learn a wide variety of techniques and become an expert as much as you can with several options.

3. Location is huge. We fish a lot of off shore humps. But on any given hump, there’s lots of barren ground and there are “sweet spots” that often attract numbers of fish. Pay close attention to your electronics and specifically your lake map and gps. I use Garmin’s Lake Vu Ultra and have been super impressed with it’s accuracy and ability to reveal the lake’s key spot on the spot. When you contact numbers of fish, throw a waypoint in and then begin to look at patterns of where your waypoints are on those humps.

4. Gin clear water demands stealthy presentations. Last year we fished a ton of braid (Gamma’s Torque is our braid of choice), but it was critical to put 8-10’ of 6-8lb Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon with an FG knot. Clients had very few twist related tangles and incredible feel which yielded more fish in the boat.

5. Underwater camera’s unlock Lake George like nothing else! We caught more and bigger fish based on the data that we discovered on our Fishsens Sondecam. You can go to our youTube channel (No Fish Left Behind) and see the stuff first hand. And I can tell you that when you find giant boulders or giant spires sticking out of the bottom of Lake George, you are going to find some giant smallies nearby.

We are going to be posting a lot more in the way of blogs and vlogs and underwater video over the next couple of months! If you want more info about a guide trip, feel free to email me at Leave a comment - let me know if there’s material you would like me to specifically cover!