When I find something that works, I want others to know about it.  I don't pursue random sponsors. But rather, after I find something of exceptional quality, I pursue that company because I'd be excited to represent them and their products within my work.  The Slider Grub is one of those products.

Charlie Brewer Slider Grub  www.sliderfishing.com  New sponsor!  You will be amazed at how effective these plastics are for walleyes (bass, crappie, big bluegills, pike - everything eats these baits)!  Here are the specific details:  3" Slider Grub...Colors: Pumpkin Black Flake, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon, Watermelon Red, Gold, Black Flake. This is an excellent product that we have caught tons of walleyes on.  Book a trip and see it for yourself.