Ice Fishing - Saginaw Bay

We fished on the Bay January 4th.  The wind was brutal, but the fishing was hot.  We set up in a couple of different spots, but landed in an area near the pack of other fishermen in about 19' of water.  We fished a couple different presentations.  We started fishing rattle baits which produced a big fish early in the day - 25-26" fish.  I transitioned to one of my go to spoons - a gold Williams Warbler nu wrinkle that I believe is a 1/10oz 1 1/4" bait.  We tipped with minnow heads.

I was blown away by how many fish we had come in throughout the day.  There were periods of time where we regularly had 4-5 fish on the Vex - a lot of lookers.  However, we ended up with a total of nine walleyes.  Eight of them where just eaters: 16-19" fish.  But it was a fun day to get a chance to learn how to trigger fish.

The other interesting thing that we did was we dropped our aquaview down to see what was going on.  My buddy thinks that the head of the camera actually drew fish in and kept them interested in what we had going on.  We saw 3 fish bite on the camera - super fun!

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