Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon: Amazing for Jigging Walleyes

I am super impressed with Gamma's Edge fluorocarbon when it comes to jigging for walleyes.  We fish for walleyes with jigs and plastics, casting and working the baits back to the boat.  The feel of this line is incredible, matched with awesome strength.  I had to comment on this product just after pounding fish up north over the last couple of days. I typically like to use 8 lb test for this application.  I have found Edge to be every bit as sensitive as braid, with one huge advantage.  Many times when fishing for walleyes, instead of crushing the bait, walleyes will simply grab the bait.  When this happens, you have a split second to decide whether or not to set the hook.  The fluoro gives you that option; with braid the fish would have felt you in that moment and you'd have missed the fish.  I have caught hundreds of fish that have grabbed the bait - most of those fish would have been missed with braid.  The other benefit that I've noticed with the fluorocarbon is the way it pulls baits through the water.  There's a bit more subtlety with the fluoro than there is with braid.  Braid snaps the bait through the water; the fluoro pops the bait.  I believe there's a lot of days that this makes a difference.  I'd highly encourage you to check out Gamma's Edge Fluorocarbon - it's the best line out there!

Joe TestaComment