Lake Leelanau Guide Trip 9/28-30

That was a crazy couple of days!  We fished Sunday evening from 5-8ish.  Beautiful conditions - 65; not a breath of wind.  Fish were chomping the baits.  Ended up with 13 legal walleyes and quite a few throw backs.  Matt got the biggest at close to 20".  Fish caught on crankbaits and jigs.  Bait was everywhere.

Monday morning started off just as beautiful.  We had 8 legal fish in the boat when a fog bank rolled in off of Lake Michigan.  Wind shifted from SSW to NW...front started to roll through.  Pounded the fish as the front moved through.  Conditions were brutal with wind, cold, and rain.  But the fish were slamming the jig.  Ended up with 12 legal fish and lots of throw backs.

Tuesday presented a nice north wind.  Ended up switching our presentation to drop shotting with live bait and plastics. Caught a bunch of perch - biggest at 1.5 lbs and 14".  Caught fewer walleyes - only 1 legal fish.  Lost a couple that would have been close - the bit shifted toward being much more tentative.

Overall, a great time on the water with Matt and Charlie.  

Joe TestaComment