Lake Leelanau Oct 15-17

My good friend Jim traveled over from northern Wisconsin to sample Lake Leelanau and the walleye bite.  We did great Wednesday night - let me take that back - Jim did great Wednesday night.  We fished from 6-8ish and we ended up with 5 legal walleyes.  Jim caught 4 fish in the first 8 casts he made.  Again he fell in love with that Okuma C3-40x and Helios reel.

Thursday we struggled a bit but ended up with 8 legal walleyes.  In hindsight, I wish I had fished deeper.  The fish were off the end in 14-18 fow.  We did fish perch and ended up with 54 (7-10").  Micah had a blast fishing the perch.  Weather was super nice - almost too nice.

Friday, my friend Cam, joined us in the hope of catching his first walleye.  I met Cam at MSU and he got involved with our church on campus.  He's become a great friend.  It was easy to see that Cam is an excellent fishermen right away as he quickly whacked his first 'eye.  We ended up catching over 40 fish with 10 being legal.  Jim had the hot hand again. Today we did it right - we fished heavier and deeper with our jigs.  Water temp for the week was 55-57 degrees.

Joe TestaComment