Florida Fishing 11/21-11/22

We spent some extra time in Orlando after my pastor's conference.  Part of the hope was to find some good largemouth fishing in or near the world famous bass fisheries of the Kissimee area.   All we had was the kayak and with winds pushing 15-20mph, we wandered onto a creek called Shingles Creek.

The launch was free and so we decided to set out with the Hobie in search of trophy largemouths. What we found was unbelievable!  In the middle of a tourist mess of Orlando, there's a couple miles of creek that wanders through a very secluded cypress swamp.  And the best part: it's full of fish.

We only caught a hand full the first day (fished for three hours).  The second day we wandered further south and ended up catching 40-50 fish.  The biggest were only 3 lbs., however, Micah hooked a monster (our guess was 6lbs).  Definitely something to pursue again in the future!

Joe TestaComment