Sagnasty River 12/14-15

Had a couple of beautiful days in mid December and it just lined up with vacation time!  Fished Sunday along with the masses of people and we had fun.  Only ended up with four legals.  Caught our share of junk fish.  I'm just learning how to fish this river.  Mostly everyone fishes a jig and minnow, but we didn't want to fish live bait.  Here's what we took away from our time:  Fish seemed to move up and feed and the feeding windows didn't last forever.  Key feeding windows lasted for a couple of hours.  Matt and Josh were new to the river and Josh almostly completely new to walleye fishing.

Fished Monday as well.  Today was very different!  Took out a buddy of mine named Ross and my son Micah.  Ross is a bass fisherman converted to the walleye world.  We jigged and threw blades.  Ross popped a big eye on a blade and caught his share of junk fish as well.  We had a window where we caught 10 legals in an hour period.  Caught some vertical fishing with plastics, but the majority came casting with plastics.  Did the most damage on worms and sliders.  Learned today that there are feeding seams and when you are on fish you hunker down and hit them hard because those windows close.  We had 14 and couldn't get the 15th legal.  We ended up trying a couple of spots on the way back to the launch and at the final hour Ross popped our 15th fish - finishing our three man limit!

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