Boat Season Extended: Saginaw River Jig Fest

Fished Saturday and Sunday (December 21 and 22) and found the fish to be very agreeable.  In fact, we still can't believe how many fish are in this system.  We ended up Saturday with 14 legals.  All fish were caught throwing plastic and we definitely had to vary up our retrieve til we found what the fish wanted.  It's been really cool to learn the section of river that we've been fishing.  To most, there might not be much difference from one spot to the next.  But if you pay close attention to your electronics, it makes sense why certain areas hold fish.  Little one foot drops or areas where there is a hole can make all the difference.

Sunday was pretty much the same.  We ended the day with 18 legals and caught most of the fish jigging.  The worm and the slider did most of the damage.  Caught fish fishing as light as 1/8oz. , but the majority of our fish were caught on 1/4oz.  The jigging rhythm was key yesterday.  You wanted to sweep the jig - almost drag it along the bottom.  A lot of hits would come right after the jig hit bottom.  Caught a ton of short fish.  Our big fish came on a blade - a big male (22").  

Everyone on the boat agreed that we'd rather be on a boat than on ice!  We'll take the warm December!