Saginaw River Fall Classic Walleye Tournament

Fished the Fall Classic today, an Okuma/Savage sponsored tournament.  We only caught 5 walleyes, but we got the right bites.  My hats off to Bob, Micah, and Conrad...these guys did great.  We ended up finishing 2nd out of 44 teams.  Lots of good fishermen.  Crazy story of a crazy fishing day.  Didn't have a net (realized it was stolen last night while we were running to our first spot).  We stuck things out in one area where we knew there were fish.  We had 2 in the boat.  Left and came back and popped two more.  Conrad got a 6-7 lber.  Then 5 min later Micah caught the big fish of the tournament - a 7.8 lb beauty.  Caught on a Okuma rod and reel.  

Joe TestaComment