Saginaw River Walleyes 12/5

Had a great day on the river!  They predicted 50 degrees, but it was bone chilling cold for most of the day.  Fish cooperated early - pounded fish from first thing in the morning up through noon.  Not only caught fish vertical but also casting.  Ended up with something like 13 keepers.  Mostly 14-17"ers.  Did best on a fluke style bait called blue shad (see photos).  Also caught some fish on a blade (see photos).  Biggest fish of the day was a 21" female.  When we opened her up, she had 6-8 2-3" white bass inside of her.  Talk about gorging herself.  Matt had the hot hand - I think he caught 6 legal fish.  Part of his success was just holding the bait still.  

Joe TestaComment