Gamma Fluorocarbon: The finest line you'll ever use!

It no wonder why so many of the top pro's in the competitive fishing world use Gamma Edge.  Their fluorocarbon has the exact properties I'm looking for when I cast jigs for walleyes.  The "feel" of this line is incredible.  It's so sensitive that you can almost feel the fish breathing on the jig.  It picks up the slightest "tick".  What I really love about it is that it has all of the same feel of braid, but it gives me just a little bit of give so that when a fish mouths the jig I have a better chance of getting a hook in the fishes mouth.  The other thing I really value with this product is that it's very durable.  I don't lose fish from line breaks (I do lose jigs from toothy critters nipping the line).

My go to line weight is 8lb.  However, I bought a bunch of 6lb this year to try with my clients.  

Guys spend thousands on their boat, $500 on a good rod and reel, and then chince on fishing line?  In the world of fishing line you get what you pay for.  I highly encourage you to buy a spool of Gamma Edge this year and give it a try!  You can buy it from Gamma at

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