Lake Lansing 4/12/15

Well, we were hoping to get down to the Detroit River to pound some walleyes, but my schedule didn't really allow for that.  So we headed over to Lake Lansing for about 2 hours.  We pounded the pike (though that wasn't our focus).  We also saw a school of big crappies (ended up catching only one - Nate, my six year old - got about a 12"er).  We struggled with the largemouth.  We caught several small fish, and one legitimate one, but never found our rhythm. Micah pounded about a 2.5 lber.  Most of our fish came on jerkbaits.  One of my friends did well on plastics - unfortunately I left quite a bit of the stuff that I wanted to use at home.  Water temps were close to 50 degrees.

Joe TestaComment