What will the opener hold for 2015?

I'm going to be out on Houghton Lake for the opener this year.  It seems like the last five years, the weather has set up about the same each year for opener.  My gut sense is that fish are going to be a bit scattered and the bit, tentative.  When the fish are a bit tentative, I think fluorocarbon line is the way to go.  Fluoro just pulls through the water differently than braid.  Fluoro also has a little give when a fish "grabs" the jig rather than "chokes" it.  

So my strategy will be:  move until you find fish, see how they are reacting to the baits, and adjust accordingly.  I have been humbled on houghton early on a couple different times.  I hope to post differently tomorrow evening.

Going to be trying some new jigs that a lure designer designed for me and walleye fishing - 4/0 hook, paint cooked onto jighead so that it won't chip.  I'll post those as well with pictures.

Joe TestaComment