Lance Valentine's Angling Challenge

We had a blast fishing Lance Valentine's Angling Challenge.  Prefishing on Saturday was good.  We had some spots picked out that were holding good fish.  We knew the bite was strong in the morning.  And we knew that the cold front that was pushing in would make a dramatic impact on the day.  Air Temps went from 80+ to upper 30's and water temps went from 75 degrees to 64.

We just didn't make the necessary moves to adjust to the conditions.  Overall, it was a great learning experience and we loved the format for the tournament.  Here's what we learned from our time:  after a front pushes through, fish will tighten up into any kind of cover that they can find.  On Houghton Lake, that's cabbage - good, green cabbage.  The key would have been to fish in the weeds with some sort of presentation that didn't make the fish work too hard.  We also appreciated the laid back attitude of the guys who fished the tournament - great group of guys and we're looking forward to doing it again sometime this year or next.  For more info, check out

Joe TestaComment